About Us

Hi, I’m Yvonne Lim, founder of THE ARRAY. 
THE ARRAY journey started during my time at the Royal College of Art (RCA), where I was pursuing a Masters in Fashion Womenswear. As my research revolved around the themes of power and femininity, I started questioning myself on how I could genuinely empower women through my design practice. 
I was inspired by the evolving landscape of women's workwear, and the soft power it represented in today's workplace. My graduate collection was dedicated to the modern working woman, with a capsule of essential garments specifically designed with her in mind. The collection was modelled by a wonderful group of women I met at the Royal College of Art.


THE ARRAY's debut Collection [1] is an elevated extension of the capsule I first designed at the RCA. My process started with extensive research, including an online survey and a series of personal interviews with working women. The conversations I had with these women helped me build the foundations of our core collection, building on an edited array of workwear classics and new essentials that were most relevant to the contemporary woman,
I believe in creating empowering garments that are as beautiful as they are functional, and every single element of each garment is thoughtfully designed and considered. 


My mission is for women to feel instantly confident and comfortable in THE ARRAY outfits, so all they need to focus on is their work, purpose and ambitions. This freedom and sense of ease to focus on work and ambition, for me, is the true essence of modern femininity.


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