Made in London

 Our Makers

As an independent brand, we are very proud of the quality of the fabric and garment finishings we have achieved. This comes from an intensive process of fittings and trials, and also the wonderful collaboration process with our trusted suppliers and makers, from whom we are always learning valuable tips and skills to continue perfecting our designs.


Proudly Made Locally in London,  England

Our collection is produced in our factories based in East and North London, which are both long-standing family-owned businesses. Both factories have safe, clean production facilities and also the most wonderful teams of talented technicians and machinists. This group of makers has many years of experience working with the most luxurious brands and couture ateliers.

Our hangtags on every finished garment proudly details the name of the tailor or dressmaker that crafted the piece.
Throughout the design and production  process, we go back and forth to the factories constantly and have built an amazing relationship and sense of trust with our group of  makers. We feel fortunate to be able to support local manufacturers, reduce our carbon footprint, and also for the opportunity to collaborate with our makers at such close proximity.