Designed to Empower

The Design Process behind Each Garment

At the start of developing Collection [1], we conducted personal interviews with a group of working women based in London to learn more about their work wardrobes, specifically about what they loved and what they wish could be different. Alongside that, we did a survey with a larger group of working women to get an even bigger picture on what women are wearing for work.
The insights we gathered from this research became the foundation of our design development process. With every piece we develop, we try to enhance and elevate every aspect with the perfect fabric choice and meaningful details. The techniques we used to build the collection are a combination of traditional tailoring, which provides structure and durability, along with couture-inspired dressmaking cues which allow for movement and a more feminine silhouette.
Read on to learn about how the following designs came to be.

A Secure Fit

Women complained about the dreaded chest gap in their shirt placket, an unwarranted distraction for them when they are at work. Our signature tab closure detail originated from our solution to this issue, which is a hidden button closure at the chest level of the shirt placket. The buttons are also spaced out in closer distances on the shirt placket, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit. Our signature shirts come in a high crease-recovery shirting, a textured silk and also in eco-friendly Tencel 


Tailored to Travel

Wrinkles on clothing are a huge pain to any working woman's wardrobe. Our natural and effective proposal to counter this problem was a beautiful 100% Italian wool Travel Suiting. Travel suiting is very popular in men's luxury suiting, as its unique weave allows for quick crease-recovery and natural stretch, without the need of adding synthetic blends or elastane to the fabric. It feels light, smooth and extremely comfortable, making it the perfect option for long hours seated or business travel.


Armed for Movement

Our silk and Tencel ™ t-shirts are a fundamental building block to any modern working woman's wardrobe. During our fittings with our model Caroline, we noticed the creases on the bicep area of the sleeve. As pure silk and Tencel lacks natural stretch, we added a built-in underarm gusset to the design to allow for easy arm movements and to prevent creasing on the sleeve area.




Transformative Trousers

Lauren, one of our interviewees, mentioned how amazing it would be to have a pair of trousers with adjustable hem lengths so she could easily switch between heels and flat shoes. We looked into this brilliant idea, and created a hem which can be cuffed inwards and secured onto hidden buttons, so you can easily adjust the length according to your choice of footwear.


A Dress for all Moods

Designed in the midst a lockdown, this dress was a reaction to a need for garments that can be optimised for various occasions and changing moods. The dress can we worn loose and relaxed, or gathered at the back with straps attached to the waist for a beautiful, slightly fitted silhouette. It is also reversible, and can be worn back-to-front according to your preference.